F1 – Boo Boys Need To Get Some Respect

The Italian Grand Prix passed off with little in the way of childish incident between the two major title protagonists, either on or off the track. It was your typical Italian Grand Prix, full of high-speed shenanigans and action through the field. You would think then that the fans would all go home happy, contented with what they had seen and not harbour any bad feelings from the hangover of the Belgian Grand Prix.

Sadly, you’d be wrong.

For reasons known only to themselves, a large number decided to boo Nico Rosberg again. This is much more baffling than in Belgium, where it was possible to understand the angst towards the German from fans, who had no doubt been expecting to see a battle between the two drivers in a class of their own this year. Rightly or wrongly they blamed Rosberg for cutting that battle short. Some believed it to have been sinister, whereas knowledgeable race fans have quickly forgiven and forgotten for what was little more than an error of judgement.

Some of the idiots who made themselves heard really don’t know what they’re talking about. They might go to the races, but really, all they see is cars going round a circuit with little idea of what is actually unfolding before their eyes. Which makes the booing at the Italian Grand Prix more lamentable.

What some people fail to realise is that whether or not you disagree with someone’s actions on the circuit, these drivers risk their lives so that you can have a fun fay out watching some nice cars go fast. So to boo one of them for little reason at all, as was the case with the Italian Grand Prix, is very poor indeed. It does absolutely nothing constructive, and has failed to really ruffle the target. So all round, it’s about as useful as trying to get from Cornwall to America via a donkey.

It comes to something when the driver whom Nico wronged at Spa has spoken against them. Lewis Hamilton deserves a lot of credit for asking the boo boys to wind it in, whilst another driver in Jenson Button has also hit out at them. It doesn’t look good.

I’m all for the paying public having a right to voice an opinion, but it has to stay respectful. That is what sets motorsport fans aside from any other sports fans. That is what’s unique about motorsports fans. Everyone should have some respect for some of the most skilled men on earth. If you could do better, then you have more right to boo. Not that any of the hecklers.

So, let’s keep this unique feature running and get on with it.


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